SSL Certificate Not Found in IIS due to missing private key that corresponds to the certificate




The SSL certificate I have created for my intranet web site is not showing inside my IIS. But I can see it in the certificate snapshot where you can see all the certificate of your local computer by typing mmc command in run dialog.


What is the cause?

Then I realize the Private Key that corresponds to the SSL certificate is missing. If your SSL certificate doesn’t have any private key that corresponds to the certificate, then it will not listed inside the IIS server.


What is the Solution?

The solution is to provide a private key correspondence to your SSL certificate which you have already created. For that,

  1. Go to the server which runs the IIS.
  2. Start Command Prompt(CMD) as an Administrator.
  3. Type and run certutil -repairstore my "Your SSL certificate thumprint"


Your SSL certificate thumbprint can be found under the details tab of the SSL certificate.


After you run that command, it will solve your problem with the private key and list down inside the IIS.


This solution is one of try out methods you can do to solve this issue.

Silent coding ! Cheers!


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